How to Plan the Perfect Proposal|Colorado Proposal + Engagement Photographer


So you’re thinking about popping the question! First off…WOW. Congratulations! The fact that you are here, investing in this aspect of your relationship, means you MUST be a keeper! And contrary to what we might say, us girls have DREAMED about the day you would put a ring on it. We’ve imagined what we’ll be wearing, where we’ll be, and what you’ll say. Yes, being engaged to you is the biggest dream come true of all, but here’s how to completely BLOW. US. AWAY.

1. All the technicalities

Square away your when and where as soon as possible. This might seem like an obvious, but there are so many little ways to add significance to your proposal. Maybe the day you first met is coming up or your anniversary. Maybe you’re heading out of town or out of state. Either way, having something else to celebrate can help conceal your plans to propose while giving you an excuse to do the extra special things that go along with your proposal! As soon as you lock down when and where you want to do it, you can start focusing on all the little details.

2. Securing a photographer

Yes! She wants a photographer! Trust me, when you see the way she looks at you right before she says yes, you’ll be so thankful to have that moment for a lifetime. SO. Reach out to photographers in your area or if you’re traveling search around your destination. Connect and tell them about your plans for your proposal! They WANT to help you make it perfect!

3. Either/or

You can do this one of two ways. You can either completely surprise her by hiding your photographer OR hire a photographer to do a “couples” session and propose to her then! Both are equally fun, both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you opt for hiding your photographer, you’ll have to be creative and think of a way to get your girl all dolled-up and ready to be proposed to without raising suspicion. If you go for a couples session, you’ll already have an excuse for getting all dressed up and out of the house. Deciding which works best for you is entirely your decision, however, my personal preference as a photographer is to opt for a couples session.

4. All the details

If you chose to go for hiding your photographer I highly suggest, as I said above, planning it on a special day or night. Maybe you always do a weekend date night or you’re celebrating three years together, either way, this will help conceal the fact that you are trying to plan a surprise she has been LONGING for. Connect with your photographer and work together to locate “the spot” and a place nearby she can be easily concealed to capture the moment! I would even highly suggest asking your photographer for help setting up so you can focus on your lady and getting her to the spot you’ve chosen!

If you think planning a couples session sounds like a better fit, then go ahead with contacting your photographer and giving her all the details. An added benefit is that you can blame everything on your photog to throw off your girls suspicions. Did you want to propose to her at “your spot”? Tell her the photographer picked the location! When you get to your session and the photographer puts on “your song” it will just be an amazing coincidence. And when the signal is given, it’s all you.

AND DON’T FORGET THE RING. Pro tip: It’s on her Pinterest.